why should i feel this?..


morning guys!
time shows 2:49 in the morning..
i still can't go to sleep yet coz i just finished my last task which have to submit by today..

i'm having imbalance ''mood'' currently.
but i tried make it positive..

why??why??and why??
does the person knows??
or i myself being an over acting person??

i have to do something.
otherwise i'll suffer later..
but,i can't lie myself as i'm accidently express what's inside me..
it's naturally happen!!
and i realised that so much!
so do people around me~

if one day,the black shadow haunted me,i wish that i'm strong enough to overcome it.
as well as everybody did.
the truth,u can't deny what u feel..


my talk:) be strong myra..let's the footprints being your last moments~
damn!!! i love '........' !!
Thanks for reading :)

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