pieces story of us ..


i was playing the same song since yesterday,,
the only me knew every single lyric written on it.
where am i going to get the strength??
as i'm too weak to face the reality soon..
should i exist the gap between us so that later i'm not keep remembering 'her' ??

betul kata sahabat aku..
kalau aku tak buat sekrang,mungkin akan datang benda ni aku tak dapat nak kawal.
tapi aku tak kuat~
aku tak tahu kenapa aku boleh jadi macam ni??.
sometimes aku perasan yang aku ni over~

i still remembered what 'she' have done for me..
every single things never fade!
macam semalam je benda tue semua berlaku.
the chemical bond between us is so strong!!!
dia banyak ajar aku macam2.
i feel like,we're real sister!!!!!


my talk:) i need u to teach me more bout life..thanx for show me the real path of being an adult..the heaven~ moment is when u keep looking me as ur sis.."bunch of love"
Thanks for reading :)

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