please say that u still need me..

i'm just an ordinary girl who want to be the best entire of my life..
as i go far,i met many people..
they taught me everything about life..
the best i make it as my inspiration..while the wrong i make it as a guideline.
trough out it,i build my own self.

in order to my destination,i did mistakes..
mistakes which teach me to be more discipline.

tell me if i'm wrong..
i'll be pleasure of it.

for every action i make with a reason.

sorry to anyone for all my mistakes..
especially to people i love most..
i never give up to be the best for you..
i'm trying to cheer you up..
i coax myself to don't too emotional..
as all the mistakes are from myself.
but sometimes i can't..
coz i have feeling too.
but it's ok..
it will be recover soon.
coz i hate being emotional to people i love most.

till here..
please hear me just for once..
just for once.. :')
i beg on u..

my talk:) please say that u still need me.. :')
Thanks for reading :)

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