i wish somebody hear me..hurm..


guys,i'm about to pour out somthing..

my base has stopped in one destination..
the destination that taught me how to be somebody in real life..
as i lived there for a month,i discovered new chapters of life..
chapters those link me with people,nature,creator and everything around me.
yet,i admitted that i've changed.
circumference turn me into the new leaf.

but i'm not soo satisfied with my appearance.
still have many things to change about.
standing beside people made me shame on myself.
why i can't be like them??
what's the difference between us??
am i not born to be successfull??
arghh! too much speculations dancing in my minds!

but,i keep strugling until i reach the point.
there's nothing shield between us.
we're just same!

guys,for next coming year,i wish that i can be someone.
someone that i want to be.
i'm just ordinary person.
nothing extra inside me..
the rest are my weakness..

arghh!! i need someone to talk to..
i'm totally depressed!

my talk:) could anyone hear for me??...
Thanks for reading :)

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