please,,,stop it.!

rite now,i bring along my negative side into my's not as usual..those wrtitting before i made of with my maturity and my creativity..the moment i pour those out,it's a point where my patience is running out..every single of me,and every inch of me people like to know about..why?? please let me free..i have my own is so simple..God create the best for,do appreaciate our owns! not the others! i'm not a person with the bad impression..but as the time passed,my patience is running out! u are too much..u seem to judge me down..every single your words, hurt me..and u've hurt people around me too! u have your own family..go and take a look on them..i have my own do u! and so do your children..but why u're seeking of mine?? you asked people bout me..then talked behind me..i'm bored with your attitude! triple bored! pleasee..stop it.i can't stand anymore..i'm not the best..but i tried..if god said so,i accept it willingly.
i beg u..pleaseeeeeeee..stop asking and talking about me..truthfully,i'm bored! i'm bored with all messes! they're like rubbish..they're nothing! my dad understand what's inside me.he keeps accompany me when you start to make problem with me..deep inside,u've hurt my feeling..till here..salam..
Thanks for reading :)


Hani said...

mira wat's wrong?? is it someone stalkering u?? hope u feel well after screaming out loud your probs here..i can be ur ears if u want to..hihi

mia :) said...

nothing nad..i just feel uncomfortable when people love to know more about my life..everything bout me,they want to know.. at the beginning until the end..i'm just get bored of it! extremely bored!