A birthday shout for my BIG SISTER! :)

sometimes we are real close friends
we stay up late and talk at night
othertimes we dont get along.
there are even time we fight
but i know she is always there
and i know she will always care.
she is my sister
i love my sister
ive given her a greate big hug
when she was feelling bad.
and then again i have said somethings that have really made her mad
but i know she is will always there
and i know she will always care.
she is my sister
i love my sister.. :)

A Birthday shout just for you!!
have a blast!!
and have a bless! :)

thank you! thank you! thank you!

may u have a great future ahead!
may you have a longlasting happiness with your family and him <3 p="">
in short! i'm glad to meet you!
tq! :)
Thanks for reading :)

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