the colours of life..


first and the foremost,i want to tell that, I love Down to the earth comedy!! huuhu..
it was really amazed!
the jokes were sometimes bullshit! haha..;p

ok..enough for that..

i'm still in my settle up everything..

hey dude! what's life bout???
can anyone shows me?? I still get blurred of it..brilliant said,life is a world! the ques is,do they have travel around the world in entire of their life???nonsense!

some people said,life is bout black light(happiness)..and no soul (lives)..

in my opinion,life is just like a journey..long journey that will never end..until we die..along the journey,the dust will blurred our eyes..the rough wind,will blows on we go through,more difficulties will come up..
we never back the time passed..

truthfully,i was sometimes give up..i was too tired! the journey really tested me!!! and i was be tested! MY LORD..i need your strength..i'm dwarf..i have nothing.mine are yours! i'm nothing..! but i want to have somting that yours..lend me your intelligent.lend me your patience..and most probably,lend me your strength..if this is my fate,my pleasure I accept it..

but i'll never surrender! i'll chase what are determined for me..bless me.

add on story:
this is just for short note..
hey! i made this for u friend! u sent me the text..told that u are going.i'm happy for u..but at the moment,i'm are going far from me..i can't deny my feeling..the moments before were really adorable..thanks for everything u've done all this before..from the beginning,until now..i'm really appreciate our past..thanks for the chocolates..they really made me full! :) thanks for your origamy birds..they make me remember of u..
we are fated to be friends..bff! BEST FRIEND FOREVER..wish u all the best for your study..!


my talk:) new book please..
Thanks for reading :)

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