let me explain everything..


ok..first sekali myra nak ucap terima kasih banyak2 dekat U all yang dah wish birthday myra hari nie..
even hanya sekadar ucapan..tapi myra hargai sangat2:)
bagi myra ucapan tu pon dah cukop..;']
tangkap leleh la pulak! ;p

em..how was my birthday????
nothing much i can share here..
coz everything is ok..

just nice..

i got something inside that i couldn't share here..
i have keep it in a long time...
something that may hurt them..
should i tell the truth??
deep breath inside stuck in my oesophagus..(saluran pernafasan)

i can't stand it anymore..
i need to settle it up..
but how??
can u imagine how is their respons towards it..
i'm afraid if i can't explain the real reasons..

big mistakes i've done..

urm..am i a coward??


am i a lier??

ya just nice..-.-''

enough just here..


my talk:).............
Thanks for reading :)

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