sorry if i have to hurt you..



err..rite now my monitor shows 1:27 a.m..
too early for me to go sleep..-.-'

i just want to share pieces of my life before i go bed..

recently too much of rubbish thing mess up my mind..
i'm not sure when it will dismissed from my life..
it stucks my brain..
my main component sometimes can't function smoothly..

myra x percaye kenape myra boleh jadi macam nie???
before,i was someone with a vision..
it isn't just a talk..
but i really had it..

i was too far from my path..
the rubbish blurred my eyes..
i was too enjoy with all those things..

i really can't accept this..

i need someone to hear me..
let me pour everything those are inside..

got to go..

my talk:) i'm sure that one day,i have to make a decision for my own future..i have to sacrifice everything..i have to untie them..i'm sorry if my decision will make anyone hurt..bcoz i have to grab the chance..but i want to let you know,i love u.....
Thanks for reading :)

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