NARNIA 3! ;)
besh gler beb..
pnoh dgn cbrn n halangan..
kali nie muncul plak watak bwu..EUSTACE
spupu kpd edmund n lucy..
not bad la..
wtak yg agak menjengkilkan pd mle nye..
akhr ctew,watak EUSTACE dilihat brguna dlm ctew tue..;)

seronok gler dpt hangout ngan family..
tgk wyg sme2..
release tension beb!!!
thanx 2 my dad n mom..
they know what the best for me..;)
luv u!! <3
nobody can replace you.!!
kali pertame tgk wyg ngan my parents..
sblom nie,lau tgk wyg,kuar ngan my aunt..
dye yg slalu bwk gi watch movie..
bt now,my mom n dad bring me there..

i felt the different! ;)
watching movie with my parents is more valuable!
we back home at 11 p.m..
what a nice time we spent there..;)

my talk:) the best listener,entertainer,motivator is my family..fullstop!
Thanks for reading :)

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